Tabletop Comics: Vixens Of The Void #26

Tark'An is a Vralkan Warrior who Fuses Flesh And Steel. Meris is a Chaotic Explorer who Pilots Starcraft. Airheart is an Intelligent Adept who Controls Gravity. Together, they are the Vixens Of The Void.


Tark'An, Meris, and Airheart were on their way to a welcoming reception for the Space War following their meeting with Scoro Pota when they received a message from Veryl Maksnar, the pirate they're looking for. Armed with new information, they made a plan to deal with her when Airheart fell ill, her body undergoing some sort of mutation as a result of the drink she enjoyed with their dinner, and SASSY informed the crew of incoming signals.


The Cast is:

GM: Joshua Wright (@JoshuaNeverJosh)

Tark'An: Kelly Gallagher (@MightBeKelly)

Meris Elsandro: Lorelai (@lothlorien_elf)

Airheart: Calico Davis (@TheCalicoDavis)


Theme: "One" by Dmitri Belichenko

Background audio by Plate Mail Games 

Extra SFX from


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Twitter: @TheGuildcast 



This series uses Monte Cook Games (@MonteCookGamesCypher System

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