Tabletop Comics: Dust #16

After sacrificing himself to save an innocent, Dusten Dunn was granted a second chance at life and granted mystical powers to fight the darkness as Dust, the Weird Explorer who Eliminates Occult Threats. 


Dust's investigation led him to the headquarters of Joint Task Force- Omega, the United Nations organization that oversees special entity actions around the world. While there, he acquired special equipment to fight the creature that attacked him, and met with his friend, Angelique Dawes, about coming up with a way to find it.


The Cast is:

GM- Joshua Wright (@JoshuaNeverJosh)

Dust- Jonn Perry (@sleypy)


Theme: "Bayou Tears" by David Flavin & Randy Neely

Background audio by Plate Mail Games 

Extra SFX from


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Twitter: @Tabletop_Comics

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