Tabletop Comics: Banger #16

Miranda Fall is a Perceptive Charmer who would Rather Be Reading, but when evil abounds, she transforms into a Resilient Crimefighter who Rages. She is: Banger


After being attacked by several robots, Banger discovered that they had been sent by the Gate Corporation. When she contacted Chief Inspector Cote about the matter, he informed her that Doctor Amp, too, had been attacked, and his apartment had been blown up. Going home to rest, she found a video with no obvious source on her computer, showing her transforming during her fight.


The Cast is:

Banger- Nyssa Mackinnon (@Feverwood)

GM- Joshua Wright (@JoshuaNeverJosh)


Theme: "Battlezone" by Michael Stephen Decker

Background audio by Plate Mail Games 

Extra SFX from


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Twitter: @Tabletop_Comics

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This series uses Monte Cook Games (@MonteCookGamesCypher System

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