Tabletop Comics: Banger #15

Miranda Fall is a Perceptive Charmer who would Rather Be Reading, but when evil abounds, she transforms into a Resilient Crimefighter who Rages. She is: Banger


Suspecting an old foe was behind the recent string of burglaries, Miranda decided to pay a visit to a warehouse that she knew belonged to him. While there, she didn't find anything, but she did find herself attacked by a trio of military-grade robots bent on her destruction.


The Cast is:

Banger- Nyssa Mackinnon (@Feverwood)

GM- Joshua Wright (@JoshuaNeverJosh)


Theme: "Battlezone" by Michael Stephen Decker

Background audio by Plate Mail Games 

Extra SFX from


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Twitter: @Tabletop_Comics

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This series uses Monte Cook Games (@MonteCookGamesCypher System

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