Tabletop Comics: Agents of SECRET #3

When people with powers beyond the abilities of normal humans go bad, it takes a special kind of law enforcement agent to bring them to justice. Enter the Special Entity Crijminal Response and Engagement Team: Remauld Rauch an appealing speaker who talks to machines, Jason Stromm, a volcanic explorer who abides in stone, and Xander Mapps, an inquisitive tinkerer who builds tomorrow. Together, they are: Agents of SECRET.


Previously, the team crossed the border into Juarez, Mexico to gather intel on a new cartel trafficking the dangerous compound known as Mutex across the border. After asking questions at a local bar, they made their way to a compound where satellite intel indicated the dangerous organization was headquartered.


The Cast is:

GM- Joshua Wright (@JoshuaNeverJosh)

John- Groundpounder (@mainemoosetrax)

Patrick- Visor (@lilstone621)

Jes- Xander Mapps


Theme: Assault Team by Felipe Adorno Vassao

Background audio by Plate Mail Games 

Extra SFX from


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Twitter: @HeroesOfCypher

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This series uses Monte Cook Games (@MonteCookGamesCypher System

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